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Free Suppression List Management Solution

Email Compliance Has Never Been Sexier

Safe. Secure. Super compliant. That's the power of SuppressExpress – your complete list management solution from iAge. SuppressExpress automates your suppression-list activities, making everything easier for you, your subscribers and your partners. Easily maintain CAN-SPAM compliance while having total control of your lists across all distribution channels. You'll get custom design for your opt-out pages, full reporting & analytics, and automatic seeding on every publisher download. And the best part is – SuppressExpress is FREE for up to 1 million emails.

Hot Features:

  • Customized design for your opt-out pages
  • Seeding on every publisher download
  • Reports & analytics
  • Customized domains for opt-out links

List upload:

  • Opt-out page
  • Manual list update
  • API

List download:

  • MD5 Suppression Lists
  • API for list downloads
  • Download by segments
  • On-site cleanup
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An innovative developer of internet marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our cutting-edge technology automates every step of your marketing cycle while delivering insanely good results. Generate better leads. Engage your audience. Retain more customers.

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