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Methodologies: What we do

iAge uses several strategies for customer retention, depending on your business and what you offer to your users.

  • Multi Product Funnel
Multi Product Funnel

It is almost impossible to entice users to buy expensive products right now. The Multi Product Funnel is a way to reach your target audience by offering them cheap or free products at first. After that, you can sell them more expensive items with the most costly product at the end.

We all know how difficult it can be to find serious buyers, especially when big-ticket items are involved. We identify these buyers by hooking them with relevant, lower priced products, and guiding them to a gradually increasing buying process.

Our strategies entice these potential prospects through a multi-step process that weeds out unqualified buyers and motivates the qualified buyers to take further action.

  • AARRR funnel

This is a complete strategy for acquiring new customers and maximizing revenue with a comprehensive retention marketing strategy. The funnel consists of:

Acquisition: Attracting new users
Activation: Motivating users to take action
Retention: Turning users into repeat visitors
Referral: Enticing users to refer their friends
Revenue: Generating ongoing revenue from each user

There are metrics on each step that help to optimize the whole retention process in the funnel. iAge technologies modify business processes, improving their efficiency.

AARRR funnel
  • Retention Communication Channels

This strategy represents our sizzling-hot content and ongoing customer engagement via a variety of different communication channels: email, phone, display ads, social networks, and so on. These channels are not necessarily meant to "sell" to your audience. But, instead, they are meant to keep the communication open, determine the needs of your customers, and direct them from one funnel segment to another.

Remember: it's not a one-sided relationship. Our communication channels are like an open dialogue with your users. We use individual communication channels for each user. We use their feedback (direct or indirect) to determine the most effective and profitable way to communicate with them. Each time we deliver information to users, we contact them via these channels to gain more feedback and meet their needs even better. End result: stronger customer loyalty, higher satisfaction levels, and better retention rates.

Retention Communication Channels
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