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What is Retention Marketing?

What is Retention Marketing?

In the old days, relationship marketing was a one-sided relationship. Marketers sent the same message to their entire customer base. All customers received the same offer (or maybe a slight variation of it), regardless of their actual needs or desires.

Well, retention marketing has changed all that. Finally, the relationship is more reciprocal.

Today, online technologies enable marketers to adjust their communication based on the unique needs of their various user groups. By tracking the actions of consumers - what they click on, which content they respond to, what feedback they provide - you can determine their interests, predict future behavior, and customize your marketing so it's more relevant to each group. Combine that with automated technology from iAge and you one sizzling hot retention marketing platform.

Benefits: What's in it for you?

Let's face it. Even the hottest relationships become stale after a while. But retention marketing helps you maintain more relationships for a longer period of time - while making money as you do it.

  • By retaining more customers in this fashion, you can:
  • Boost loyalty and build stronger relationships with your users
  • Maximize revenue from your most loyal customers
  • Generate new revenue streams from previously inactive users
  • Prevent unresponsive customers from slipping away
  • Track the long-term life cycle actions of users and cater content appropriately
  • Keep customers engaged, happy, and craving more from you

End result: Bigger ROI - without increasing your marketing budget. How is that possible? Retention marketing focuses your efforts where they are needed most. So, instead of spending your entire marketing budget on a bunch misguided offers, you can focus those resources on specific behavior to continuously increase profits. The more you fine-tune those tactics, the higher the profit potential ֠even when the overall budget stays flat.

Could marketing be any sexier than this?

Tactics: How does it work?

Online marketers explain it like this: Action - Reaction - Feedback - Repeat. That's the core process behind our retention marketing technologies. Deliver the content that your hottest customers crave (without forgetting about your coldest prospects either). Monitor results. Get feedback. Then, do it all over again based on what you learned.

You're not just monitoring for clicks and conversions here. You're tracking the behavior of your users to see who's interested in which offers, and how they respond to each one. By generating this data, you can gain a deeper, more meaningful relationship with a greater percentage of your customer base.

Retention Marketing Tactics

For example:
In the old days, you might send an email to a user, but never hear from him again. Today, our strategies dig much deeper. We'll attempt to gain feedback from that user, find out why he didn't respond and test various offers to see what makes him become active again. When he does, we can use that information to optimize response not only to him but also to other users like him. It's an ongoing cycle that drives ROI higher and higher over time.

Retention technologies

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