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Email Creative Optimization Tool

Get bigger, better response rates by knowing what your audience is already looking for. VerticalHorizon will figure it all out for you and optimize your creatives accordingly.

VerticalHorizon is an intelligent email optimization tool that chooses creatives based on specific user data. The system uses your users' location, interests, and previous behavior to determine which ads and offers will generate the highest response. VerticalHorizon further optimizes the subject lines, creatives and eCPM for ESP systems, making it even easier and efficient to run your offers.

Performance is optimized by:

  • Demographic drops
  • Geographic drops
  • Interest level / vertical drops
  • User actions & behavior
  • Easy integration with platforms

VerticalHorizon optimizes subjects, creatives and overall eCPM using all available user data.

Use VerticalHorizon to get optimal response from every offer!

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