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Lead Reselling, Streamlined.

LeadsResell — An automated platform that simplifies the process of receiving, processing and selling leads data.


This system performs the functions of storage, processing and transfer of data for your leads or users of your websites. The data processing is divided into 2 main stages — data organization (import) and data output (export). You can set the data processing and leads verification during every stage. There are three roles for users of the system — leads supplier, buyer and administrator. Every user has his own personal folder on FTP. The name of the FTP server, login and password for the system entry is reflected when editing any LeadSource or Contacts. Some types of import and export are inserted into subfolders. The main distinction from the LeadStorage system is that leads are sold directly in the process of receiving but not according the Scheduler. Also, leads data is received through web services.

Process automation:

  • Checks the uniqueness of leads to prevent duplicate data with Unique Lead Mode.
  • Checks whether leads have been already imported into the system to prevent the same data from being loaded twice.
  • Validates data before and after it's received to filter bad leads automatically.
  • Performs values standardization by automatically modifying received data to fit required standards.
  • Auto-fills interdependent fields, eliminating the need to enter certain data.
  • Validates imported leads and filters exported data according to your parameters.
  • Lead distribution between various traffic channels allows you to quickly and effectively analyze actions and optimize the.
  • Creates finance reports.


A variety of settings makes it easy to integrate with your own software or CRM systems:

  • Various import/export types and ways of receiving and sending leads: databases, files, services
  • Easy customization of lead fields and values
  • Create templates of leads structures and save them for repeated use
  • Set preferences and restrictions for acceptable lead sources
  • Create daily/weekly/monthly restrictions on the volumes of acceptable leads
  • Quick method for sending a lead (with validation mechanism disabled)
  • Receive and send leads according to schedules

Various options for each group of users:

Contract Deliver Options

Here is a closer look at the options for processing and sending leads. It can be:

1) LR Send Form Instant or Delayed (send by formula or web-service)
2) Send to Email Instant Or Delayed (send by email immediately after leads are received)
3) Send Email CSV Attached (send by email immediately in mode of attached file after lead receiving).
4) LR Send HTML to Email Instant Or Delayed (send in html form by email).
5) LR To Form Sync Instant Or Delayed *Unknown
6) LRToFile Instant Or Delayed (saving in csv file and sending it to outside ftp server).
7) LrSendEmailbyscheduler (send leads by email according the Scheduler).
8) SendToFormMultipleBySchedulers (send by webservice according the Scheduler).
9) SendtoDebtSettlementCRM.com (special mode for a certain client).
10) Customcakemarketing (special mode for a certain client).
11) No Action – deactivation
12) Flexdatapost.com (special mode for a certain client).
13) CallcenterToEmailattached (special mode for a certain client).

System Administrator

  • Can set the format and mode of the data receiving from a seller
    - Direct access to DB
  • Can set the format and mode of the data receiving from a buyer
    - Direct access to DB
    - Customer Mailbox
  • Can set a scheduler of the data receiving
  • Can set a limit for the data receiving
  • Can set a priority for traffic suppliers

Seller (Traffic generator, site)

  • Can send leads in system through different interfaces
  • Can view the statistics of received leads

Customer (Site Recipient)

  • Can receive leads through different interfaces
  • According to the scheduler
  • Combined from different sources according the scheduler

Callcenter Administrator

1) Can view general statistics of all operators
- Dimension Date/Source/Status (vertical)
- Indicators of the leads Quantity / Percent

2) Can view the statistics of every operator (filter)
- Dimension Date/Source/Status (vertical)
- Indicators of leads Quantity / Percent

3) Can view leads of every operator (lite list) with filters
- Form Export of leads' list in CVS

Operator callcenter

1) Can view statistics of his data
- Dimension Date/Source/Status (vertical)
- Indicators of the leads Quantity / Percent

2) Can view leads of every operator (complicated list) with filters
- Form Export of leads' list in CVS

3) Choose a suitable lead according to a specified filter (including a time zone)

4) Edit leads excluding conflicts with other operators.

Who can benefit from the system:

  • The mediators that unite buyers and sellers of leads in one single network (partner network, working on CPA-model).
  • Resources, aggregating promotional offers from different companies on one site (services for sale, train tickets and flight reservations, booking hotel services, online stores, travel agencies, working with various tour operators, etc.).
  • Services with a wide or narrow scope of topics (loans, deposits, auto insurance, medical services, etc.)
  • Clubs with established partnerships (male and female clubs, animal lovers, cooking sites, etc.).
  • Sites with highly specific content or targeted audiences (portals about repairs, medical portals, etc.).
  • Companies that sell goods and services through a network of independent online dealers (primarily producers of goods and services - tour operators, cosmetic companies, sellers of learning content, etc.)
  • Specific websites (portals about repairs, medical portals, and etc.).

LeadsResell is integrated easily with other iAge platforms and can be used as part of a complex business solution. The programming code makes it easy to upgrade the functionality of the platform according to your needs.

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