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Traffic Monetization Solution

LeadsRaiser – is the powerful traffic Monetization Solution!

Our aim is to convert & monetize traffic

The LeadsRaiser system is designed for quick development of lead collection Sites and helps drive incoming traffic and optimizes both lead generation and monetization processes.

We need the following for conversion

  • quick customization of LPs (landing pages) without any knowledge of programming
  • rotation and selection of flows that convert better than others for every user personally
  • detailed and user friendly analytic statistics

We need the following for monetization

  • to choose & build flow with better conversion for each user
  • to choose & build flow individually depending on user's actions and attributes (based on current user's activity or previous actions)
  • major metrics — predictable/potential RPV per/flow and dropoff rate
  • and of course, there is a goal to improve quality of generated leads

Site features

Geo targeting – feature allows determine user's location via IP or by already collected data. Feature helps you to cut down traffic that doesn't meet the requirements or running geo-targeted local offers.

Email verification: we can check whether email has proper format, whether email server exists, whether this user have account at a mail server.

Doubles verification – it is possible to vary logic on the basis of whether a user is visiting site for the first time or not: offering user various flows.

Pre-popping – partner (traffic source) sends traffic to a website database. If we already have a few info about a user, he/she does not have to fill in again the fields with data we already know.

Addition of data from external data sources. For example, rapleaf - user does not have to fill in again the fields with data we can get on our own. This feature decreases number of user actions for conversion.

Flexible price policy – automate the process of payouts: system “decides” whether to pay for a lead or not and how much to pay.

System supports various monetization ways

Pop up – performing a popping up window with ad

Pop under – performing a smaller window with ad under the main ad window

Co-regs – placing several register forms at one ad page (that usually follows after the main monetization scenario) to show related offers

Postings - sending leads via POST, email, Web Service, REST etc.

Redirects – redirects user to other page

On Mouse – performing of offer when a gesture occurs. For example: when user moves cursor to Close button

On Close – offer is performed when user closes website

iFrame – offer is performed “inside” of our offer, in HTML “iframe” element

Quiz – not a monetization method, mini interview to improve targeting

LeadsRaiser is

  • storing all data about users in database
  • traffic rotation with automatic settings – if traffic performs better results, system increases it s priority
  • client and server validation – allows to improve User Experience and usability of data input and as a consequence to exceed conversion
  • recording all the actions user makes at a website and out of it
  • integration with almost all the platforms of performance marketing providers
  • a framework for LPs' templates creation.

LeadsRaiser scheme

LeadsRaiser is easily integrated with other iAge solutions

ScroogeReports – Every Penny Counts

ScroogeReports is Windows-based platform that generates financial reports from more than 360 networks and advertisers. This comprehensive reporting gives you the ability to compare results with your own, determine offer pricing and plan new strategies. See what other networks are doing, track every penny, and use this data to make your campaigns even stronger.

Hot Features

  • Get revenue, traffic and response rates from 360+ networks and advertisers
  • Easily receive, store and share any data in the system
  • Windows application with webinterface and API to display and share data with other applications
  • Extensive options for report generation: Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Open XML technologies are all supported

ScroogeReports is integrated easily with other iAge platforms such as Emailmaster, LeadsResell, LeadsRaiser and can be used as part of a complex business solution.

Who are we?

An innovative developer of internet marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our cutting-edge technology automates every step of your marketing cycle while delivering insanely good results. Generate better leads. Engage your audience. Retain more customers.

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