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LeadsManage - Remarketing CRM & CTM

LeadsManage is iAge's newest platform for managing effective B2C communications, designed for mid to large businesses who have 500k+ of data.

LeadsManage is designed to collect:

  • User profiles
  • Feedback
  • Reaction to communication channels

LeadsManage is a remarketing CRM & CTM with Smart Scoring that defines your user segmentation and runs multichannel remarketing programs to each user group. By delivering relevant content through email, web, and social channels, LeadsManage boosts customer satisfaction, reduces churn, and maximizes revenue.

The core benefit of this technology is its power to improve user retention rates. LeadsManage helps you to understand each prospect's buying potential – what he's interested in, whether he's a serious buyer or tire-kicker – and prepares him for purchase at the most appropriate point in the sales cycle.

Who can benefit?

No matter what size of your business is, LeadsManage is the powerful solution for your on-line marketing needs.

  • Small businesses can quickly identity solutions for new profit growth.
  • Medium-size businesses can maximize revenue generation.
  • Large companies can dramatically improve cost efficiency (maximize revenue, minimize expenses).
  • Non-commercial organizations can generate more targeted user actions.

How it works

LeadsManage is a comprehensive analytics tool, data storage system, and communication tool that enables you to:

  • Store users' profiles
  • Store users' behavior history storage
  • Interact with users based on their preferences and expectations (by strengthening communication and relationships with users through integrated external systems for marketing automation)

Our User Interaction module includes powerful analytical tools to evaluate user satisfaction and revenue during a user's lifetime.

Marketing funnels

Marketing activity
LeadsManage marketing activity is based on a strategic marketing funnel process. The primary aim of this process is to motivate users to make a first purchase as well as additional products in the future.

2 important practices are introduced during this funnel process:

  • Regular feedback acquisition, structuring and data analysis, working out a response plan to incoming data.
  • Motivating users to spread positive feedback among their friends and acquaintances – resulting in more potential new customers.

Funnels for Revenue Optimization

Our LeadsManage platform supports several different funnels, each designed to guide users toward through a personalized sales process, offering relevant products based on their behavior. All results and actions are tracked for thorough analysis.

  • Multi-product funnel (Includes a few primary products in the sales funnel. For example – download brochure with our products at our website, then go for a test-drive, then buy a car)
  • Product funnel (A funnel based on one product - AARRR. For example – To motivate a person to go for a test-drive we need to 1. attract the user 2. get info about him [generate the lead] 3. offer the test-drive 4. collect feedback 5. calculate how much money is earned from generating the full lead [average numbers] 6. give the user additional materials to share with his friends.)
  • Micro-funnels (Funnels are in each step of the AARRR levels. For example: for Landing pages – how many people filled out the first field in a form? How many people filled out the full form? How many confirmed their email? How many minutes did a person spend reading a brochure? etc.)

LeadsManage lets you easily monitor all user behavior in the funnels. Get a top-level picture of all activity, or drill down to specific attributes/parameters for a highly detailed view. This enhanced visibility helps identify what steps and changes are required to achieve the desired results.

LeadsManage also provides cohort analysis.

A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period. Our unique system helps to analyze users Life Time Value, Life Time and churn rate during a specific period of time. With a deep analysis of each cohort, LeadsManage can help you significantly extend the saturation point of each user, reducing your overall churn rate and increasing revenue.

Multichannel communication strategy

Generating a sale is a success in itself. But our primary goal is to communicate with the user, solve their problems and provide them with what they want to make them even more satisfied and loyal to your business.

To achieve this, you must execute specific retention strategies, focused on users' lifetime and revenue.

To increase the return rate, you must communicate with your customers via all possible communication channels, such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Direct mail
  • SMS
  • Social networks
  • Banners (re-targeting)
  • Customer support
  • Web sites
  • Mobile applications

A communication strategy that generates valuable users is a strategy that is relevant to a user's mind state, geographic location, social engagement and behavior.

How to select communication channels?

The decision whether to choose this or that communication channel is made according to a user's satisfaction rate and his status in the marketing funnel. This ensures that the most suitable communication channels are selected and combined for better efficiency and maximum results.

Complementary of communication channels

Our communication strategy not only combines various communication channels, but also uses chooses complementary channels based on the response to other methods (or lack thereof). We call this the «if, then» model.

For example: if a user does not open an email, then he is shown a banner ad. If a user is not responding to display ads, then we try phone communication, direct mail, etc. Each channel used is designed to complement previous communication attempts.

LeadsManage improves your data.

LeadsManage puts all data in proper order, finds the most accurate information and can complete users' profiles from external sources.

User feedback is collected constantly, and you can receive this information automatically.


  • You'll always be aware of your client's satisfaction rate. Plus, users can be grouped by those satisfaction rates and you'll be able to communicate (via various channels) with them as needed.
  • LeadsManage provides you with Life Time (LT) and Life Time Value (LTV) of each user. You can sort LTV by geographic location, gender, traffic acquisition channels and other attributes.
  • You'll full visibility of churn-rate statistics. Your specialist will be able to manage communication strategies by groups and manage overall churn rates.

LeadsManage structures data about your clients.

LeadsManage combines data about clients of all products and you'll see not only a client's profile in your CRM, but also the history of all actions during the user's Lifetime. You'll receive reports formed on the basis of your client's actions (or inactions) that will help you to determine in what segment of funnel a client is at the moment.


LeadsManage integrates directly with your on-line and off-line sales process and your CRM system and high-end marketing communications platforms.


Our platform helps collect metrics between many different product funnels. It enables you to discover the most effective communication channels for attracting new users and to optimize your overall marketing budget.

Part of complex business solution

LeadsManage is integrated easily with other iAge platforms and can be used as part of a complex business solution. The system can be easily modified according to your needs.

In conclusion

LeadsManage is an intelligent solution that gives you valuable statistics on your customers during every stage in the sales process and optimizes your marketing campaigns to generate more revenue and maximum retention rates.

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