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Reaching The Inbox

InboxGear - Reaching The Inbox.

In the old days, marketers blasted millions of emails and crossed the fingers, hoping for the best. Today, email marketing is a science that is constantly changing. To maximize performance, you must build quality lists, engage your audience with relevant content and, most importantly, use respectful mailing practices to ensure deliverability. You must be able to track the appropriate metrics and adjust your campaigns for optimal results. InboxGear helps you tackle all these challenges and more.

Our complete email delivery system consists of:

1. Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) software - Essential software to help deliver your emails to more inboxes without problem.
The key benefit of this platform is the ability to track your sender reputation. We recieve feedback from ISP's, analyze it, and use that analysis to determine the reputation of the resourses (IP, hosts, etc.) used for newsletters. We then select the resourses with better reputation for the delivery of your emails.

2. Platform for analyzing results and improving delivery rates.
Our complete email delivery system helps you reach more inboxes, more easily. This platform allows you to optimize your sending, monitor your email delivery status and other statistics in real time, while also tracking Domain Reputation & History over time. To retain your subscribers, successful email delivery is crucial. Today, the major ISPs, like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, use engagements metrics to decide which emails should reach subscribers' inboxes (or get marked as SPAM). In other words: if your subscribers are ignoring your emails, you're in trouble. By improving both your delivery rates and your retention, your overall delivery rates improve as well. That's where we come in.

InboxGear is state-of-art technology that:

  • Offers a complete infrastructure for your email campaigns
  • Analyzes seeds before sending emails
  • Factors in mechanisms of ISP interaction to achieve good inbox delivery
  • Analyzes actions of ISP and indirect metrics after emails are sent

With InboxGear, you also get iAge's strategies, methodologies and training on how to use the system.

Your sender reputation with ISPs is the most influential factor in getting your email to the subscriberÓ³ inbox


Power Feature = Domain Reputation & History

Our Mail Transfer Agent is what makes InboxGear a step above other email-delivery platforms. Think of it like the brains behind your email campaigns. Unlike other MTA's, ours uses propriety technology to perform all system tasks for delivery, scheduling, and transferring data. Not only that, it monitors results, and readjusts its tasks accordingly to make improvements.

  • Monitor your reputation and improve it.

The system tracks and improves reputation by using the latest authentication standards, accreditation tools, and compliance requirements.

  • Use previous results to improve future campaigns - automatically.

InboxGear creates a dynamic sending strategy that maximizes performance and deliverability of campaigns based on results from previous campaigns.

  • Let our experts lead the way.

Our own unique methodologies and email marketing expertise help ensure you always get the best results and greatest ROI.

Who are we?

An innovative developer of internet marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our cutting-edge technology automates every step of your marketing cycle while delivering insanely good results. Generate better leads. Engage your audience. Retain more customers.

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