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Retention Email Marketing. DO IT RIGHT

3 critical factors for making your emails more revelant:

  • Right Content
  • Right Person
  • Right Time

For optimal customer retention, you must deliver the "Right" content to the "Right" person - at the "Right" time. Otherwise, you lose the interest of your audience, which will hurt both your brand and your sender reputation. But when you do it "Right" and achieve RRR, the results can be amazing. EmailMaster makes sure you're always doing it right - automatically.

EmailMaster is a high-end emailing automation platform, which can be integrated with almost any mail transfer agent (MTA). It has robust API and scalable architecture for large volumes of email sending. The system currently prepares and sends 50 million emails per day.

EmailMaster - Scheme

How we do it RIGHT:

Right Person

  • Segmentation by user interests
  • Segmentation by demography
  • Segmentation by geography
  • Segmentation by user behavior and advanced user behavior analysis from user's previous actions in emails, on websites and from external sources (you can load data from CRM and sCRM, financial software, etc.)
  • Segmentation by activity (by opens, clicks, replies, shares, etc)
  • Segmentation by device types (PC/tablet/mobile)
  • Segmentation by email software type or Segmentation by email browsing type (Yahoo webmail classic, new Yahoo, Outlook, Firebird, etc.)
  • Segmentation by computed data (i.e. number of miles from a specified location)
  • Segmentation by sales cycle & transactional data (periodicy, volumes, time, purchases, etc.)
  • Automatically send email based on triggers

Right Time

  • Hourly delivery of emails
  • Email sensing schedule depends on user activity (less active users receive emails less frequently)
  • Automatic selection of which weekday to send emails
  • Consideration of user timezone
  • User can set his preferred time and date to receive emails
  • Time and date can be set for every subscriber during the day on the basis of the following info:
    • Always fixed time
    • Time when the user registered
    • Time of open and clicks in email
    • Alerts from outside data sources (website, ad networks, etc.)
    • Testing of multivariant strategies of delivery time
    • Data mining to leverage customer internal motivations and location in the sales cycle and determination of better time for communications (Real-time communications)
    • Automatically send email based on triggers

Right Content:

  • Dynamically personalized email content
    Email for every customer - personalized content inside
  • Email preferences center for subscribers
  • Content streams by user interests
  • Selection of email frequency in every content streams
  • Dynamic changes of email sending frequency, depending on level of user activity
  • User generated content: invitations to receive content from users
  • Evaluation of helpfulness of content by users and by analytical parameters
  • Content is easy to crave (Content is easy to share. Email content optimization + tools for easy sharing)

Communications & Interactive

  • True social media integration
  • Insert dicussions from facebook into emails
  • Email replies can be reposted to facebook
  • Insert facebook polls & results into emails
  • Feedback communication center
  • One-Click Unsubscribe
  • Unsubscribe Survey
  • Intellectual Agents in emails

Real Time Email Optimization

Immediately when users open your email message, our optimization systems go to work. Our platform tracks which images and content have the best performance, based on user behaviors, time of sending, location and other factors. The system then uses the most successful combination of content when sending to other users with similar attributes. End result: customized, optimized content for every user type.

Retention metrics:

EmailMaster offers powerful reporting features, cohort analysis and other tools for tracking track the most important metrics of your marketing efforts. Not only that, we use these results as a basis for optimizing your campaign and achieving the highest ROI possible.

User LifeTime: How long a user remains active, from his first action on a site to his last. User LifeValue: How much revenue is generated from a user during his LifeTime.
Chorn Rate: How many users dropped off or became inactive within a specific time period.

Cross Channel Email Marketing

Easily integrate your email marketing with other media channels and delivery outlets. Synced with our LeadsManage platform, we can communicate your campaigns among many different channels to maximize your results:

email + display ads
email + sms
email + direct mail
email + call center

Mobile Ready

  • Separate email templates for mobile users
  • Automatic discovery of mobile users and adjustment of templates
  • Statistics on the types of devices used
  • Instant triggers for mobile users (ie. When a user opens an email via mobile device, we send him a trigger email immediately)

ROI Integration

You'll have access to full statitics and reporting on your campaigns, plus automatic optimization to improve all revenue opportunities:

  • Revenue per email
  • Revenue per aquisition channel
  • Revenue per every user.
    This information will help you to estimate user's Lifetime Value. You'll be able to make deep research: revenue by user behaivor & attributes.
    There re setups for manual data collection and analysis. Either our sollution or other can be used.

Additional Features

  • Multivariant emails testing in email (Others use A/B split tests. But we use multivariant ֠a more tin-depth level of tracking that tests several variables in one email)
  • Transactional emails integration
  • Automated reports on- delivery, performance, and revenue
  • Performance by email aquisition channel
  • Referral stats availible by request
  • Deep segmentation availible by request
  • Integration with Any external events sources
  • ISP delivery control - Stats based
  • Integrated seed checker: Yahoo/AOL/Hotmail/Gmail, Outlook 2007/2010, ironport filters, and coming soon: Cloudmark/Barracuda/Brightmail/Postini
  • Domain reputation history (with InboxGear)
  • List hygiene (internal & external sources)
  • Autocorrect of email typos & errors
  • Sending permanence, which determines the appropriate time, volume and frequency of consistent email sending to to an ISP)
  • Subscribers reactivation strategies & win back crusades included.

Be Ready for the Engagement Inbox

Being relevant to subscribers and customers has never been more important. The major mail providers, like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, are working hard to be a one-stop-shop for all of a user's important emails and social updates. It's called the Engagement Inbox ֠and marketers must be ready for it.

The Engagement Inbox automatically sorts users' emails by their contacts and determines the relevance according to the user's level of engagement with the sender. If you're not delivering the RIGHT content, to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time, then your messages will be lost.

EmailMaster ensures that you are delivering relevant content that engages your audiences and reveals to webmail providers that you are a repuatable, reliable sender.

Who are we?

An innovative developer of internet marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our cutting-edge technology automates every step of your marketing cycle while delivering insanely good results. Generate better leads. Engage your audience. Retain more customers.

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